Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! And thank you for thinking of St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church for the Celebration and Blessing of your Marriage or the Renewal of your Marriage Vows. This historic church makes a lovely and sacred setting for a ceremony in the High Rockies. Here is some information you will find helpful.  More detailed information is available by emailing The Rev. Charlie Brumbaugh, Rector.

Locations and Dates

  • The church is located at 100 S. French Street in Breckenridge, and will seat 90 people comfortably.

  • Weddings may also be celebrated at other suitable sites or venues in Summit County, at the discretion of the Rector.

  • Your wedding date and rehearsal, after initial consultation with the Rector, must be scheduled at least 90 days in advance.

  • Typically, weddings happen on Saturdays with the rehearsals on Fridays, but other days of the week are possible.

  • Weddings are not celebrated during the penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, and other special days of the year (e.g. Christmas Eve/Day, Easter Eve/Day, New Year’s Eve/Day, etc.).

  • We do not rent the church space for weddings.

Parish Expectations

  • A minimum of three pre-marital conversations with the Rector are required. If you live far from Summit County, this may be accomplished locally with another clergy in good standing or a licensed mental health professional, in collaboration of the Rector. The couple is responsible for scheduling these conversations. It is also required that each couple complete an online premarital “Prepare and Enrich” inventory.

  • The wedding ceremony is planned with the Rector in consultation with the Organist. The basic order of service comes from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer (or other liturgy approved by The Episcopal Church in Colorado). All Prayer Book rubrics (directions) will be followed. Click HERE to see the basic order of service online.

  • Clergy have discretion with regard to membership requirements, taking into consideration the context of St. John’s unique mission/ministry in this resort community. The fee structure is different for those who are pledging members of SJB and their families.

  • If you have been divorced, an application to re-marry must be submitted to our Bishop at least sixty (60) days prior to the wedding. This application, which is required by the Episcopal Church, is accomplished in consultation with the Rector.

Application Deposit and Final Payment

The date and time of your wedding and rehearsal cannot be guaranteed until your completed application and $100 deposit have been received and the Rector has given approval. Please note that final payment is due two weeks before the wedding. 

Wedding License

The State of Colorado does not require a marriage license, but couples usually obtain one. The license may be issued in any Colorado county by the County Clerk's office and is valid for 30 days. (Proof of divorce is required in some counties.) For Summit County, call (970)453-3475 if you have any questions. No witnesses are required, but there is space on the license for two people to sign. After the wedding, the certificate portion of the license is signed by the couple and the priest, and is returned to the same county for recording by the Parish Administrator of St. John’s.  The recorded License/Certificate will be mailed back to you by the Clerk’s office; if you need a certified copy, inform them when you bring it in and they can provide you with one.

Other Clergy

If you would like another clergy person in good standing to participate in the wedding, arrangements must be made with the approval of the Rector.

Wedding Guild

You will be assisted at your rehearsal and wedding by one or more members of the SJB Wedding Guild. It is important to know that the Rector and Wedding Guild of SJB handle all the wedding details inside the church. Please advise photographers/videographers, wedding consultants, etc.

Use of the Building

All fixtures, furniture, memorabilia, etc. in the church area are not to be moved. No nails, tacks, or tape are to be used. You may use coated floral wire to fasten bows to the pews. Prior to the service, the wedding party is responsible for the placement of flowers. Please speak with the Wedding Guild to prearrange entry to the church. Generally, two flower arrangements are displayed on the Altar and eight small window vases are available for your use.

Following the service, the wedding party is responsible for the removal of all belongings, equipment, flowers, etc. from the building. If you would like to leave the flowers for Sunday services, please let the Floral Guild know in advance. We do not allow birdseed or rice to be thrown either inside or outside the church.


We do have a small Parish Hall which can be used for receptions. No smoking is allowed in the building. Wine or champagne may be served after the wedding. Please contact SJB for a fee schedule and a space-use policy.

Holy Communion

The Holy Communion may be celebrated as a part of your wedding, but is not required. 


Because the Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage is a Sacrament, flash photography is not allowed and pictures should only be taken from the back of the sanctuary with available light. Any video cameras must be stationary. The Rector and Wedding Guild will collaborate with the photographer to make sure that all is understood and followed.  


The St. John’s Organist, if available, will be the primary musician at your wedding. She may contacted through the church office. She will also help you select the music and include, if desired, other musicians. All music must be “sacred” in nature, and is to be approved by the Rector and Organist.

Dressing Areas

There is a changing area at St. John’s.  The nursery area is available downstairs (below the Parish Hall) and includes a mirror and restrooms.  Plan to remove all belongings and trash so the room is in good condition for the next use.

God bless you and thank you again!

The Rev. Charles F. Brumbaugh, Rector