Men's Bible Fellowship

7:00-8:00 a.m. every Wednesday in the Parish Hall!

You’re invited!  But what is it?

Casual: an informal group meeting weekly to explore the Word, with no prerequisite study or involvement.

Inclusive: all are welcome to attend and participate whenever able; our resort environment brings many guests and seasonal residents who add significantly to our discussions.

Engaging: a discussion leader is 'volunteered' one week in advance, whose role is to stimulate thoughtful conversation, observations, questions, and comments relating to the assigned reading.

Participatory: everyone who wishes to speak is encouraged to do so, helping us all with our struggles to better understand the Word.  It's also OK to simply sit and listen to the conversation!

Supportive: we share prayerfully our thanksgivings and concerns in an atmosphere of confidence and respect.

Whether you are brand new to St. John's or have been attending for years, we warmly welcome you to attend.  The coffee pot will be on, and a box of tasty doughnuts will be on the counter!