Special Programs

The Rev. Scott Gunn
will be with us to preach and teach on
Sunday, July 30.

Beautiful poems, inspiring stories, and a talking donkey: How reading the Bible can change everything!

Reading the Bible can and will change your life. It is a revelation of God’s love for us, from the moment of creation until the end of time. It is filled with amazing and sometimes scandalous stories. Yet we Episcopalians don’t read the Bible much. Scott Gunn invites you to read the Bible, and he’ll share practical tips and encouragement for diving into a wonderfully rich encounter with God’s word. Come with your questions. And bring your favorite Bible, if you have one.

According to his blog, "I’m Scott Gunn, an Episcopal priest. In my ministry, I serve as the Executive Director of Forward Movement in Cincinnati, OH. Our mission is to inspire disciples and empower evangelists, which is something I’m always glad to go on about. You can buy my book, Faithful Questions: Exploring the Way with Jesus from Forward Movement or Amazon. I am a Deputy to General Convention, serving on behalf of the Diocese of Southern Ohio. In 2012 and 2009, I served in this capacity from the Diocese of Rhode Island. I’m also on the board of the Anglican Theological Review. When I’m not on the road preaching or speaking, I spend Sundays at Christ Church Cathedral, Cincinnati, where I’m an honorary canon. (Canon Gunn is an excellent example of the hilarity of ecclesiastical titles.)"

      Adult Education

Summer Sundays
("between the services")


Last fall 20 people participated in the Inquirers'/Seekers' Class. With more far-flung friends coming to the mountains, we thought we would offer an expanded, new-and-improved version of this class during the summer. Whether you are a cradle Episcopalian or new to this church, you will find this class to be nourishing, challenging, startling, and fun!  Every week we'll take a new and unusual slant on the Church.  "Not your mother's Inquirers' Class!"

                           charlie with george the dog and scott                                  at the "over the edge" fundraiser                               for episcopal retirement homes in 2015

                           charlie with george the dog and scott
                                 at the "over the edge" fundraiser
                              for episcopal retirement homes in 2015

Charlie is planning to convene a 6-week Summer Seekers'/Inquirers' Class for those who want to deepen their understanding of the faith we experience and practice within our Anglican/Episcopal tradition. These relaxed and fun conversations are especially helpful for those who are new or relatively new to the Episcopal Church, but even long-time Episcopalians are enjoying meeting new people and learning new things.  (And, for those who may choose to do so, this class is preparing them to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church by Bishop O'Neill.)

Interested?  Questions?  Please talk to Charlie or send him an email at CFBrumbaugh@gmail.com.