william sloane coffin

                                              william sloane coffin


Adult Education

is offered nearly every Sunday in the Parish Hall from 9:30 - 10:15 a.m. - "between the services."

Sunday Morning Adult Ed in Epiphany:
a discussion of Credo by William Sloane Coffin, Jr.

Credo is a compilation of short writings by the Rev. William Sloane Coffin (1924 - 2006), perhaps best known as the inspirational yet controversial Senior Pastor at Riverside Church in New York City.  These brief quotations and excerpts demonstrate the wit, fire, and passion he brought to preaching and the moral commitment he made to help us bring the Light of Christ to the world. We will finish discussion of this book on Sunday, February 26.

Sunday Morning Adult Ed in Lent:
a discussion of Devotions for Lent: A Way Other Than Our Own by Walter Brueggemann.

Lent recalls times of wilderness and wandering, from the newly freed Hebrew slaves in exile to Jesus' temptation in the desert. God has always called people out of their safe, walled cities into uncomfortable places, revealing paths they would never have chosen. Despite our culture of self-indulgence, we too are called to walk an alternative path ~ one of humility, justice, and peace.  Walter Brueggemann's thought-provoking reflections for the Season of Lent invite us to consider the challenging, beautiful life that comes with walking the way of grace.  We will begin this book on Sunday, March 5.

sea of galilee

sea of galilee

Pilgrimage to the Holy Land! If such a journey has always been on your bucket list, what better group to travel with than your friends at St. John the Baptist!? We are planning a 10-day trip in November of 2017! As of January, 26 people have already signed up ~ and there's room for more!  If you would like to find out more, please contact Barbara or Jim Calvin ASAP with questions: 970-453-7337 and Barbara.K.Calvin@gmail.com. And, yes, Charlie and Anne will be going with us.  (For those who would enjoy a side trip to Jordan, that option will be offered too!)

Charlie is convening a Seekers'/Inquirers' Class during the Season of Epiphany for those who want to deepen their understanding of the faith we experience and practice within our Anglican/Episcopal tradition. These relaxed and fun conversations are especially helpful for those who are new or relatively new to the Episcopal Church, but even long-time Episcopalians are enjoying meeting new people and learning new things.  (And, for those who may choose to do so, this class is preparing them to be confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church by Bishop O'Neill.)

There may be a similar class offered during the summer.  Questions?  Please talk to Charlie or send him an email at CFBrumbaugh@gmail.com.